Love Yourself

The economics of everlasting life

The new economics of the coming decades

One day all organizations, from the smallest businesses to the huge multinationals will have at their helm a philosopher of action, a pragmatic dreamer, a luminous visionary who has taken care of his own integrity, who knows how to believe in the impossible and make it concrete.
Until now all economic systems have dealt with survival, with people’s basic needs: food, shelter, clothing and reproduction. The economics of Neanderthals and the economics of a modern complex society are essentially the same.
The new economics of the coming decades deals not anymore with survival or to keep people alive for a few decades, but with immortality. New technologies and resources aim at the indefinite extension of each human life. This is the beginning of a 21st Century Economics of Everlasting Life – an Economics of Timelessness which will proclaim Victory over time and over death.

The Economy of the future II
Love Yourself
This is Economics
Love Yourself
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