Love Yourself

Fire from Within

The Fire from Within

Fire from Within


Experience will never teach you anything.

It is good to develop roles and personalities that will act and deal with outer reality while early in life, but you should not identify with them and get lost. Soon you must turn all your attention to your inner voice, the real source of all and everything.   Listen to yourself!  As soon as there is an atom of knowledge coming from within the whole world turns upside down.

When an unpleasant circumstance arises, bring it close to yourself – hold it up to the glow of your inner light –  sustain it with your intent. If you can bring it towards yourself, and touch that pain it will dissolve immediately, and with it, the outer experience transforms.  Without the friction of Work inside, there will be neither sparks nor fire within – you should not avoid it.

The fire is that very friction you generate when you face your inner pain.  Bring it so close to you that it cannot harm you and in so doing, annul it. Is there something that escapes you? Look for it in the most hidden corners of your being.

No one wants to see. If you give a blind man the vision of an ordinary man it would be impossible for him to move. He could not adapt. It would be impossible for him to get his bearings. He does not want to see as we do not want to change.

In the School you have to just act your part without believing.  It’s the not believing that makes things happen!  This is the only way to go through life – to conquer yourself. The ability to believe without believing is the power to contain yourself and not be taken in by either circumstances or events.  As soon as you lose the awareness that everything is a projection of yourself, you are at the mercy of your pain – of your unconscious suffering.

I have discovered how to win all the time.

Many people still believe that man can be changed solely by education, and that higher education for everybody will solve all problems. Totalitarian systems used  education to change and control people, but they all failed – they did not succeed in establishing a stable, peaceful and happy society.

An education coming from outside will never help man to achieve any possible evolution and freedom, freedom from the description of the world, from false ideas, from fears, doubts and superstitions, freedom from internal and external pressure. For a man to be completely free he has to be guided by his own Will, self-knowledge and inner understanding.

Be vigilant! To fully possess himself a man must learn to seek out and touch his inner pain.  Everyone is working for you to this end.  The world is a beautiful show you that yourself have staged – a marvellous Game at your disposal  where you are the author of all that happens.  Learn to use it, suffer intentionally, and from the ashes of this fire from within will emerge your  Will – the very source of all victory and success.



From ‘The Technology of the Dreamer’

Love Yourself
The Justina Mutale Foundation ‘Houses of Lords’ Oct. 29th ’15
Love Yourself
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