You are the only one responsible for all that happen

… for all living beings….for all the good and bad in the world…

Elio answers to the students

There is no one in the world outside of now and no world outside of yourself…The moment creates in all directions – 360 degrees…Vastness, eternity and the infinite are only in this instant.   Think what power -the birth of worlds, the creation of infinite generations of beings, disasters and apocalypses.  All is compressed in the little eternity of this instant, in the agony of the present moment that seems to disintegrate in the past, continuously eroded , yet infinite.

You only believe in the external world and constantly fill your mind with an ocean of data -‘memories and imagination’.  You believe that planning is life.  When you are convinced that you did something yesterday, that something happened, and you remember it, it is impossible to believe that nothing really happened and that everything is happening now, here , in this instant.  How is it possible to believe that the world is being created now, that there has never been a moment before nor after Now?

The pattern you have inside made of thoughts, habits, likes and dislikes is creating your entire past and future…now…in the immensity of the moment….the past and the future are the same.  One is as imaginary as the other.  Our belief system, believing in planning, eludes us that we are meeting and doing the things that we keep stored in our time-organized memory.

The thought that past and future are the same thing and that both are the projection of this instant, is a powerful thought capable of  suggesting to us every step of the way what to do …how to act…

The secret of all secret Fearlessness
Love Yourself
Truth, Godness and Beauty
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