Win it before it happens!

Win it before it happens.

Victory is Now and not in time.

All that you are seeking, desiring, hoping, wishing, expecting, all that you need – energy, force, fame, success, possessions, solutions, healing, knowledge or understanding, all comes from within – everything is inside yourself and nowhere else.  In this very moment you have the key for opening the Doors of Victory.

The inner economy is the answer and the solution to all crisis.

Economy like politics is an inner matter.

Any external revolution, be it social, political or economical, can only increase misery and suffering, and perpetuate without remedy, crisis, conflicts and violence.  If the world is really as you dream it – if the world is truly an extension of your inner being, as I believe it is, then you can be certain that there is an impeccable economy within man that, once revealed, will change and govern the world at will….. in harmony and prosperity.

“The slightest change in your being moves mountains in the world of events.”

Elio D’ Anna

Love Yourself
Leadership is the art of Dreaming
You can use life to awaken In your world all that you don’t want to happen, happens, so that you can awake to a world ruled by will. In my world what happens is only what I want to happen.
Some comment about the terrorist attack…
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