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Summary of Elio’s speech in Milan ESE Centre

Summary of Elio’s speech in Milan ESE Center – March the 29th 2019

Feel immense gratitude for any attack or misfortune apparently coming from the outer world because it allows you to bring all your attention to the real cause, which is unmistakably inside yourself.

Years and layers of inner deaths will be cancelled as soon as you realize that there is no attack or injustice you will encounter along your way that doesn’t allow you to bring out all the trash you have accumulated inside yourself, so that you can be aware of the fear that is behind all crime, violence and injustice.

> Self-awareness allows you to get rid of that inner ballast which is the real cause of all the horrors and misfortunes you believe to be external. When fear comes, don’ t try to get rid of it but chase it and get closer to it until you become fear itself and discover that in fact, it was merely an illusion.

A Revolutionary Right never sanctioned by a Charter, Manifesto or Movement
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