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Meeting with the ESE students, Florence

The motto of the school is Visibilia ex Invisibilibus. This makes us special.

Graduation Day 2018, Florence

We have something that goes  beyond ordinary business schools.  Not to be presumptuous, about it , but if you understand what visibilia ex  invisibilibus means, we can have a very good start.

From the invisible to the visible  – from the inner states to the events we meet, from  inner vision comes the reality which surrounds us.  This is very important to understand.

Everybody wants to become rich, famous, victorious – to win the battle of life.  But you have to understand that life is not something that we perceive.   It is something that we project.  Life is as it is, because you are as you are and not vice versa – vision makes reality.   Vision creates reality, your own dream creates the reality you are living, and this is misunderstood by our parents, teachers, professors.  We are easily identified with the world outside believing that the very cause is out there, but it is not outside of you.  This will guide you very much in your life.  If  you get identified with your outer life, the outer reality, you will get lost in a labyrinth of confusion and chaos; you will get lost in the crowd, in the multitude.

If you would right now pay attention to yourself,  just like having  an arrow pointed towards yourself, in this very moment you become an individual.  ‘Individual’ means ‘indivisible’.  You do not belong anymore to the mass, to the crowd.  You are you, yourself…and this is special.  Twenty –four hours a day we get lost in many things.  Also studying is a sort of ‘prison’ if you are not aware of yourself.  This is not a philosophy.  I am a practical man and I am telling you how ‘to do’ in life.

‘The Power of Doing.’  You have to be a businessman, to be a leader.  You have to tell others what to do and what not  to do .  This is what I dreamed for my students – that they can be leaders and not followers.

“I have dreamed of an Individual Revolution, capable of overturning the mental paradigms of an old humanity and freeing it forever from all conflict, from doubt, fear, and pain.  I dreamed of a  School that teaches the new generation of leaders to harmonize the old apparent antagonisms  – Economy and Ethics, Action and Contemplation, Financial Power and Love.

“Money, like love, is an inner matter. Money is a state of Being. Money-affluence manifests in time what you have conquered through inner responsibility and creative victory, which is love.”  Why love?  Because love in the Latin language means  ‘absence of death’  (a-mors)….. this is very important to understand – ‘I love you’ –  means ‘we are in absence of death .’   This is a new point of view , a new way to see love.  We abuse the word love- but love, seen as the absence of death  is special.

Any crack in your dream shatters the foundations of your financial power.   Remember! Love means absence of death (a-mors)….. and in absence of inner death you are an unlimited, omnipotent Being.

Visibilia ex invisibilibus – invisibilibus means just that.  That you can transform, events,  the others through your inner states.  You will study economics and books, but if you understand visibilia ex invisibilibus, you will contain all the books because you are the one who creates the reality you will meet in your life.

The world is as you dream it,”  the idea on which the European School of Economics was founded, tells us that all  we see and touch, all that we call reality, is none other than the materialization of our dream.   This philosophical approach creates the basis for a work of interior transformation in young people that is addressed towards raising their level of responsibility.’

If you study the biography of great entrepreneurs, the life of few pioneers who have created revolutions in our societies, you discover that behind their success is always the capacity  to believe impeccably in their dream.  A real School eliminates all that can hinder the manifestation of the  dream.   The European  School of Economics stands by its students to give substance to their dreams, establishing  the contours of  a new vision which places man’s happiness at the center of his life as both the means and end of economy.

When they say we are living a very deep economic crisis – don’t pay attention to that.  That is just a form of  hypnotism.  We are not living a crisis  – economical or financial . We are living a crisis of values , of creativity, a crisis of ideas.  I you have ideas there is nothing outside yourself that can destroy you.

Economy is the Art of Dreaming. The capacity to transform the ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’ and then into inevitable. Digging the Suez Channel was impossible…… building the Eiffel Tower…… going from West to find East…… what Columbus did, was crazy. To eliminate the apartheid, to set India free, to imagine the United States , and even to fly was impossibleBut unless you start dreaming, inventing Icarus and the myth of flight, the Wright brothers would never even exist.

Remember that there is nothing that can happen in a man’s life nor in that of a society that doesn’t first pass through his psychology – his dream.

The European School of Economics bears in its roots a truth never expressed in the world of economics:  visibilia ex invisibilibus.  Economic wealth is only the reflection of an individual,  organisation or  nation’s invisibility.  Prosperity comes from within.  It’s a process that, like every healing, starts from the inside and moves out.

‘A mere act of attention due to self-observation, may change your inner state, your position in yourself, and get you into a better position in life.’

Now there was a question coming from an adult, living in a place where there was lots of war and fighting – killing people and creating disasters.  He said “ As you know, throughout the world there are factories of armaments which are being produced and stored to cause damage or even destroy humanity, how can we counteract or protect ourselves from such a destructive power?”

My answer was a little bit aggressive, maybe, but this is my realization, and I really believe that whatever happens outside yourself, is within you : yourself are the very cause, you, yourself are the real creator.  You are responsible for what is happening outside yourself.

Then the answer was: ‘ By taking yourself out from under the influence of every form of hypnotism, dependency, superstition or identification with the world outside.

Do not lean on anybody’s knowledge, fantasy or prophecy. Know that there is no power ‘out there’ that can destroy you. ‘Out there’ nothing can happen without your consent, your inner approval .

We unconsciously give our inner approval to many accidents in life – even death.  Death needs your inner approval to kill.  I want you to understand I am telling you about the life that each of you has inside himself and herself.  If we don’t pay attention to that we go around like we are dead.

Be vigilant! Cast off all your ignorance and darkness. It is your vision that needs adjustment and not humanity. If you integrate yourself, if you become a unity, then the world is safe. In the world of duality everything is perfectly balanced – individuals and masses are balanced – individuals create and masses destroy. ‘ That doesn’t mean that we have to eliminate the masses, but individuals can be creative, masses cannot be creative, they have to destroy.

‘So don’ t worry about the world, worry only about yourself – this is the only way you can help. The world of events and circumstances is totally depending upon you. The conditions of the world correspond exactly to your inner states. Remember! Nobody and nothing can do anything if it is not commanded and directed by your own Dream. No war within, no war without – this is the Law.’

You will never find any war outside yourself, you will never find any war or terrorism outside yourself if you pay attention to your inner states.

All of our thoughts, emotions, fantasies, memories and imaginings and above all our dreams, are part of a world that is intangible and parallel to what we have learned to interpret as existence.  An organization, a nation, is a living being, and the most subtle of its components, its ideas, values and fundamental beliefs, all come from its invisibility – and it is the invisibility of its men, in particular the founder, his own level of being and understanding, that determine its success and financial destiny.

Try to see the world as something you are projecting not something you are perceiving.  This is what 7 billion people do, and you should be different.  A leader is chooses and decides things differently, sometimes he is going against friends, collaborators, family…

‘One day, industries and corporate enterprises will teach ‘The Art of Dreaming’ – the principles of self-improvement and inner integrity to enable their people to become advanced beings.  The world of business has to realize that real, financial expansion comes out of quality, and declines rapidly when quality is missing.’ 

The slightest change in your being can move mountains in the world of events.

Thank you very much.

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