Stop planning! Stop believing!

The true plan is not in time but in absence of time, that is, in this very moment – “here and now”   Every appointment you make, every meeting you arrange, any business you attempt to plan, any wealth you “hope, expect or desire” to gain, serves only to strengthen your illusion of being alive –...


Integrity has no space for death

Those who perceive the real world cannot see the world of death If you believe that integrity is the prize for having endured a long arduous journey through doctrines, disciplines, spiritual exercises and extreme physical efforts and sufferings, you will be disappointed and defeated by your own false certainties. Integrity...

Jam Session

Il desiderio e il Sogno

Cogli in ogni momento l’opportunità per osservarti Per comprendere i meccanismi che regolano la tua vita nel flusso degli eventi che scorrono su questo incredibile schermo televisivo che chiami ‘realtà’. L’osservazione di sé stessi rappresenta un varco, uno spazio creato tra osservatore ed osservato, tra te e...


Do not look for happiness

Look instead for unhappiness… It’s easier because apparently unhappiness is governing your entire existence. instead of looking for truth,  look for lies, look for pain, look for fear, and you’ll see that in trying to find them inside, you’ll realise their total inexistence.


Close to the Dreamer

Is not an easy task Close to the Dreamer, your vanity and presumption would be constantly attacked and beaten to death until you would either understand and continue your journey towards integrity, or get hurt in your false pride and leave in indignation. Stalked by death and misery, tormented by pain and evil, you have...


Permanent Victory V

Be in a winning state, reality will follow Act in a winning manner when the evidence of defeat is all around you. Act as if you were in possession of victory just for a moment, and then the next moment and the next, and you will see reality miraculously transformed in a permanent victory before your very eyes. The most...

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